Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A day with Mo

I know what you are thinking, has she gone nuts? How many videos is she posting?!

Oh... but you'll enjoy them all so much plus they are very short and one comes right after the other so I wanted you all to get the full Mo experience. :o)

Speaking of Mo Willems, after watching all these videos make sure to hop over to Kelly Light's
Ripple blog because he was wonderful enough to donate some cards made by him! The cards are available today at 50$ each and all the proceedings will be donated to two charities helping the victims of the oil spill. C'mon, this is your chance to own a Mo Willems one of a kind original! How cool is that!

Now I leave you with the one and only, Mo Willems (may I just say, Mo you rock!).

Enjoy! :o)


Nina Crittenden said...

He is SO cool! Thanks for posting these!

Gina Perry said...

Thanks Ali - these were so interesting to watch. Like a box of candy, I just gobbled them up one after another!