Thursday, July 8, 2010

Richard Scarry and gouache

I've read lots of later Richard Scarry to my son, but we picked up Polite Elephant at the library last week and found it quite endearing. I really was taken with the more rendered style and as I read it (over and over and over) I guessed it might be gouache. After a little searching online - mainly this great post from 7 Important Things Before Breakfast, I discovered ALL his work is gouache! Wow. This, as I just finished an illustration job last night where I just didn't get my cheeks rosy enough and had to boost them in Photoshop a bit. Oh Richard Scarry. I wish I could pick your brain about how you paint such gorgeous, rosy, cheeks.


Kelly Light said...

Richard Scary may just be my all time favorite of favorites. My Busy Town and what do people do all day books...from when I was 6 are treasured.

Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

Thats interesting! Didn't know he used gouache. It was my favorite medium before I turned digital. And of course Richard Scarry is my all time favorite too.