Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Link Love: The Sketchables

I have a friend that has a young son who loves all things military. Over the weekend he asked if I would draw him a helicopter.

It was fun to do, I love sketching. It's therapeutic and I lose all sense of time when I'm in that zone.

Speaking of sketching, have you all seen the fun new blog that is up and running?
It's called ,The Sketchables, and has a talented team of illustrators sharing their love of sketching with their readers.

Be sure and check it out!


Alicia Padrón said...

Awww hoe did you manage to make the chopper cute!! Hee the adorable character.. reminds me of someone. ;o)

Love it Rozzita!

Alicia Padrón said...

oops meant to say "how" LOL. :op

roz said...

Hahaha, thanks Ali. I wish I could have made it look like a "real" 'copter but I only know how to do "cute". Thankfully, he was okay with that. :o)

Suzanne Del Rizzo said...

As I was reading your post my 9 yr. old came over, stopped in mid-sentence and let out a huge -WOOOOWWW at your cool sketches. (Hee hee)
He is also into anything military and history related.
I even popped over to your blog to show him the pic. of your hubby in Afganistan, decked out in all his gear- he was in awe! I think he has a new fan ;).

Great job! A BIG hit in our house!

Gina Perry said...

Awesome sketches Roz - you do cute-military really well. I could see a whole book with that little soldier! (And I'm really enjoying The Sketchables too!)

Heather Powers said...

Oh, I second the little soldier idea Roz! Thanks for featuring us, we hope to bring lots of sketch-filled inspiration to the blog world.

Priscilla Burris said...

Hi Roz!
Love your military guy! 'cute' is good in my book!
that reminds me --years ago my son. who loved military and space aliens, asked me, 'mom, when are you going to draw some cool stuff?'.
THANKS, Roz, for sharing about our blog! We appreciate it, and it means alot coming from fellow illustrators!

Diandra Mae said...

I am way impressed with your chopper drawing skills, Roz! I'm sure that your friends son was head over heels about the picture. ;) I wonder if you would consider doing a coloring book/sheets in this style for military families/kids? I think it'd be an interesting project!

Oh, and thanks for the link-love! We are very excited about our new venture.

roz said...

Oh, my pleasure you guys, I was happy to give your blog a shout out. I wish you success and a big readership!

Thanks everyone on the thumbs up on the military sketches. So happy you like them. =o)

Suzanne, THANK YOU so much for sharing your story about your son with me. That has made my DAY! I'm so tickled that he got a kick out them.
You have inspired me to take these to color and add to my portfolio. =0))