Friday, June 17, 2011

Another Peek into my Workspace

A couple of months ago I gave you a look at my workspace and some of my equipment. I had just purchased a large format scanner (Epson Expression 10000XL). Can't tell you what a life saver that scanner has been in the last month while I've been working on a picturebook project!
Since that last post, I've added a few new items to my office that you might like to see.

I don't know about you, but I really tend to spread out when I work. I need lots of surface space or I go crazy with everything piling on top of eachother. I'm pretty messy when I work so more space is good for clutter :) I purchased a kitchen island from Ikea with a butcher block surface
for my office as a large area where I can use my paper cutter, spread out my art, craft, etc.

I have really become a fan of Ikea lately. I ordered online and had it delivered to my house as my car and my back could never handle all those heavy boxes. My office is upstairs and the delivery guys hauled all the boxes to the second floor so I could assemble it right in my office. It went together so easily with one screwdriver and an allen wrench. It is solid as a rock. The drawers are deep and roll so nicely. I always worry about assembling drawers, thinking they will never track properly, but these are perfect! I purposely got this island because on one side the shelves are nice and deep and I can stack artwork that I'm scanning and keep all those sketches and printouts together with each job in a file container......and it's at my fingertips where I can see it. When things go into drawers, I tend to forget where I've put them and waste a lot of time searching for stuff.

I had these Elfa mesh trays that I purchased a couple of years ago from the Container Store and they are the perfect size and hold 13 x 19 paper.

Another fun thing that got delivered this week was an ipad 2. I'm so excited! I've used the ipad before, but never owned my own. I also decided to get a stylus so I can use it as a sketch pad. The stylus was only $30.

And finally, I purchased a new printer. In my previous post, I told you about how old my Epson 1280 was and how I really needed an upgrade. After reading a post on Matthew Cordell's blog which you can see here I decided to purchase the Epson WorkForce 1100. And here's the reason why: It's a large format printer (13 x 19) that will print on watercolor paper and the ink does not bleed when you paint over it. And it only cost $100. My kind of printer!

Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!


roz said...

Fabulous space, Deb, my gosh. Love the organization set up you have too. Hey, let me know how you enjoy sketching on the ipad2. I'm still debating over here on whether to get one and that is a major bonus towards getting one if I can draw easily on it. xo

Phyllis Harris said...

LOVE your space!!! And LOVE the IKEA kitchen island! What a great idea!!!! Thanks for the head's up on the new printer, too because I may need one in the future to replace the one I have now.

Thanks for sharing, Deb! I always love seeing what is new with you. :)

Deb said...

Oh, thanks Phyllis....glad you like it! The island is really cool because of it's height. And you can mix and match with the ikea components. I had a hard time deciding between shelves or drawers. :)

Thanks Roz! I'll probably post next week about sketching on the ipad. I'm trying out several apps. Some better than others......It's not as good as a wacom tablet that is pressure sensitive, but it also forces you to loosen up a bit. Very fun!

Alicia Padrón said...

wow, wow Deb! This is so amazing. I would love a workspace like that. :oD

The table is to die for. I am too a mess and would love to have so much work space. How great!

I saw this same printer over at Paige's blog. Are you happy with it then? The price is amazing. I would love to get that. But want a Cintiq too, LOL.

Oh boy.. better win the lotto first.

Deb said...

Hey Ali.....yes I saw that Paige was using it too. Thought I might try to use it on my next project. I'm setting it up as we speak :) Lots of upgrading of printer drivers right now as I have Snow Leopard on my Mac.
Keeping my fingers crossed....I don't like all this tech stuff....makes me nervous, lol.

Yes, save up for the cintiq! That really sounds like fun.

Kathy Weller said...

Deb, OMIGOSH you are SO organized and neat! Please come to my studio and show me how it is done!!! LOL Wonderful post-thanks for the Show 'n' Tell!

Deb said...

Ha,ha Kath.....Here's how it is done: 1. Get a BIG box. 2. Fill it with all the clutter that is laying all over your desk and floor. 3. Vacuum and dust 4. Take pictures 5. Bring the box of clutter back in :D

Alicia Padrón said...