Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Yesterday I decided to clean up my office where I do most of my artwork. I'm gearing up for some picture book projects that are going to finished artwork and I'm feeling a bit disorganized with paintings, sketches and papers floating all over the place. Whenever I walk into an Apple store I get longings for clean, sleek, uncluttered surfaces. But, unfortunately, I just can't seem to maintain it. Maybe its the creativity that just makes everything messy?

Anyway, I've got my desktop all cleaned off and I thought I'd show you my favorite pieces of equipment that I use as an illustrator.

Last year I purchased a new iMac. I was badly in need of an upgrade and it was so satisfying to get current. Even though the computer itself is a breeze to set up, I hired a tech guy to transfer all my files to my new computer and to make sure everything was updated properly. Along with that we made sure I had lots of backup. My backup drive just perks along on it's own and automatically backs up my files all day long. Sweet! I use my Wacom tablet for my digital projects, sketching, working in photoshop, etc.
Couldn't live without it!

I purchased these Alex flat files from Ikea a couple of years ago. They come in black and white.
I LOVE them and think I will get another set. They are large enough to hold all my artwork, sketches, oversized paper, etc. but are not too obtrusive. Also they make a great stand for printers, scanners, etc. Which, you can see I use for my Epson printer.....

My printer is an Epson Stylus old! I'm shocked I can still find ink for it :)
But such a workhorse! It got me through 3 years at Surtex and I've not really had any issues with it. Great for proofing my artwork, but definitely time for a new one!

One of the biggest reasons I had to get organized was to find room for my latest piece of equipment which is the large Epson graphic arts scanner. I have debated this purchase for many years now.....not sure if I was really going to need it or maybe I could continuing piecing my artwork together in Photoshop. But I'm to the point where some of my projects are really
requiring larger hand-painted art and not having to scan a painting in four pieces makes me very happy!


Laura Zarrin said...

Thanks for the peak into your world. I love those Ikea files, but I have the small one. Time for an upgrade, I think. Which scanner is that?

Deb said...

Thanks Laura! The scanner is the Epson expression 100000XL. It's expensive, but I bought it on Amazon which saved a few bucks. Set up was really fast and easy. I love it!

Phyllis Harris said...

I LOVE my Epson10000XL! I got one refurbished a little over a year ago and have absolutely loved using it! You have some great equipment to go along with your amazing talent!! Enjoy!

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Love this MacDebbie!

That is so great you got your new
10000000000000000 scanner!! LOL
It's so fancy it even has tons of zeros in it ;o)

I need/want so many electronic things lately. I would love a larger scanner as well, a new MacBook since my current one is sort of falling apart and the spacebar gets stuck at times.. I know! Would love an ipad too but what I really am excited about is getting Cintiq.

LOL, we can't have it all.. so for now I'm fine but I'm saving for a Cintiq. :o)

Autumn Hathaway said...

okay, I gotta get going on my spring cleaning......maybe later ;/

Deb said...

Oh, thank you Phyllis. Glad to hear great reveiws from other talented illustrators!!

Yes Ali, the more zeros the beter, lol
Save your money for your new toys...that's why we work so hard, right?? :)

yeah, Autumn, I know that feeling. :)

Marty Qatani said...

Nice set up. I'm sure you love your new iMac.. I just got the 21" at my day job. I have the 17" in my home studio. Those IKEA files look very nice... I'm going to have to look into those.
As cluttered as you may feel your work space is, if I showed you mine, you'd feel like yours were wide open spaces. Thanks for sharing.

Hardygirl said...

Okay-- I just finished up a big project and spent the weekend spring cleaning (my studio was GROSS).

I really, really love your Ikea flat files and I need that scanner. I'm piecing together and it's such a pain.

Thanks for the post!