Thursday, August 12, 2010

Palazzo Inverso

Palazzo Inverso by D.B. Johnson is just the type of book I would have loved to pieces as a child. Perhaps not until I was older (maybe 9-10 years old). It's a lovely book. D.B. Johnson's work glows in this limited palette. It seems to be black,white, and sepia, but having seen DB speak years ago I wouldn't be surprised if it was a far more complex process. He used to work in CMYK - by HAND with airbrush, masking each pass separately! Oh, the humanity - and skill.

There is a softness that that reminds me of Peter McCarty and my post from a few weeks ago.
The book as a whole is a masterful tribute to MC Escher, you'll turn the book all ways, read it front and backwards - hopefully enjoying it as much as I did. The book trailer doesn't do it justice (do any book trailers?), but it's fun to see a bit more than just the cover.

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