Friday, August 6, 2010

From My Sketchbook

I watched a show on PBS last weekend about companion dogs. These dogs were so amazing with all the skills they had learned to help out their owners in their daily lives. One dog could predict seizures in a young girl, others could open doors, turn off lights, or just be a best friend.
It got me thinking about my own dog, who I got as a rescue this summer. He is young and easily trainable. Do you think I could train him to do laundry?


Ride Operator said...

Great idea. You might be able to get him to wash and dry, but folding without thumbs may be a little tricky! :) I love the color in the illustration!

Patti said...

Gotta give it a try-
Love the tongue. Such concentration. Or is he chucking them in the air? Also love the kitty bloomers. I'd like to order a size 38 mens please.

Anonymous said...

If you can train your dog to do the laundry, maybe there is hope for me to train my cat to feed himself, LOL.

Great picture!