Friday, March 2, 2012

I Work in the Children's Book Field & Happy To Do So!

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Meet Patti Gay!

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I have always thought of myself primarily as an illustrator and have illustrated a book, Cats for Golden Books and educational books for Evan Moore Publications. I do a lot of illustration for licensing for products as well.

It had been suggested by an editor a while back that I try writing. I joined a wonderful critique group and learned a great deal from them. I have a huge respect for good writers which has grown tremendously since I started putting pen to paper. I have a much easier time with the images than the words. It is more of a struggle to get it just right. I am grateful to my writer's group for really helping me hone the words.

I usually start with an idea. In some cases I have the characters and the story line in my head like a little movie. I start by doing little thumbnail drawings and putting the words to them. It is an evolutionary process. I am inspired by how children think and interact. I really try to create something that I think they would really like and relate to.

I don't know what I would change about the business. It seems that right now the business is being turned on it's head by all the changes that are happening. I think I would want to continue to see good writing and good art on what is being produced. I love books and there are so many talented individuals that my collection of favorites continues to grow. I do love having a book in hand that I can turn the pages of, so I hope that format doesn't totally go away.

My books- Friends, Amanda and Max. It is a picture book for 3-6 year olds. It's about a big orange tabby cat and a wee dachshund pup exploring what it is to be a friend. I have it on Barnes and Noble and Amazon for $.99. Amanda and Max also have a blog with free coloring pages and paper dolls for kids to download.

I have illustrated and written another e-book also on Barnes and Noble and Amazon called animals MUST BE about a menagerie of friendly animals playing in the park when they notice they are being observed (by the reader). What must it be? Each animal tries to discern what is watching them. They each have their own ideas based on the wonderful, individual characteristics they each possess. It is written and designed to make the child an intricate part of the story.


Anonymous said...

Hi Patti! It's Mark, Jerry's friend in Indiana. I'm with you in that I really do hope books on paper remain easy to produce and readily available. The idea of art and type printed on tactile paper...seems to me like it encourages kids to draw and paint on paper. I'd hate to see all of that move onto a screen... Keep up the GREAT work!!!

Alicia Padrón said...

Lovely work Patti! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. :o)