Friday, January 6, 2012

Books that inspire!

Here are a few books from my book shelf. I go back to these again and again to invigorate my mind and my eyes! I never grow tired of the books below...

Hello Kitty, Hello Everywhere
This is more than just a Hello Kitty book... it's a staged extravaganza, with haiku! So lovely to look at and read. It's like a magical land! It always makes me feel that same sense of wonder that I got while using my ViewMaster when I was a kid (and I still get that feeling when I use it today!)

This book I actually incites in me a dash of secretive (...selfish? nah..) "I-want-to-keep-it-to-myself"-ness (which is a likely sign that it is time to do the opposite)!
I LOVE this book... lots of cute people dressed up in all manner of cute, unique, cartoony, fantasy, otherworldliness. Yes, Gwen may have made them flash-famous, but they are timelessly awesome to me.

Meet Mr. Product
Pick this pocket-sized book up and flip through it to effortlessly visit joyful and silly characters from classic old-timey products. Great production quality, and LOTS of pictures! Lots and lots! It's ALL pictures! We love pictures!

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Debbie Meyer said...

I have Meet Mr. Product on my bookshelf. I love it!