Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Musings

Sometimes when I work too long on a project, or I'm just gearing up on a new piece of work, I get stuck. Can't make anything happen. Nothing looks right or everything looks forced. It can be very frustrating. I'm finally learning that walking away is a good thing. Even if it's just for an hour. That can be very hard to do if you're on a tight deadline. But looking at something with fresh eyes (or rested eyes...and I'm talking naps here) really helps.


The other thing I've found that I love, is to work on my ipad (thank you Steve Jobs). I love the ArtRage app and it gives me a lot of freedom to just play around that Photoshop doesn't seem to do. Maybe it's because I can just plop myself in front of the tv and just play and let my unconscious do the work. And maybe it's because the stylus is a little thick and reminds me more of a crayon than a pencil. Makes everything look a little more childlike which is a good thing when you're a picture book illustrator. And maybe it's because the stylus actually touches the screen, like a Cintique. (I use a Wacom tablet with my iMac and Photoshop.) Whatever it is, it seems to be a good problem solving tool for me.

And, of course, if all that fails, there is always chocolate.


Laura Zarrin said...

Thanks for this very timely post! I've been struggling on the same illo for a couple of weeks now. I forced myself to take a day off and now the work seems to be flowing. Love your cat!

roz said...

Yes, great post and it has affirmed to me that I do indeed want to ask for an ipad for Christmas. Going to take the plunge. xo and I too love the musing cat. haha

martinealison said...

Un minou aux yeux ├ętonnants...
Gros bisous

Alicia Padr├│n said...

oh MacDeb this cat is awesome!!!!!!

I agree about the breaks and walking out a bit. It really does works wonders. :o)

Deb said...

Thanks Laura! A change of pace is a good thing, right?

Oh, Roz, sure hope you get your ipad for Christmas. It is very fun.

Merci Martine!

Thanks ali....Macdaddy likes the walks too :)