Friday, August 5, 2011

Uncovered Cover Art

Gina touched on this cool new blog in her post the other day: today my mission is to give you a little bit of a deeper look into the Uncovered Cover Art blog and also into this new sub-genre of the art community submission blog that is singularly focused on children's literature. I love this idea for a blog/project, and this one is centered in on reinterpreting the covers of your favorite children's books and offers a deep, dark (and, well... chocolatey LOL) well to explore. Check it out! If you'd like to contribute, submissions guidelines can be found here.

In the recent past, I  have been aware of a couple of other similar blogs worth checking out. Both are now completed/ened projects, but lucky for us, the blogs are still available, and the art posts are still on display.

Terrible Yellow Eyes was focused on art created as an homage to Maurice Sendak's Where The Wild Things Are. This finite project had a gallery exhibition at it's culmination (TBE was live from May 2009 to January 2010). The art on the TBE blog site, is at the very least inventive and imaginative, but, usually it's somewhere in the vicinity of stunning or breathtaking. So if you have not seen the blog, it's definitely worth a peruse. 

The other children's book art with fresh interpretations blog is (or was) The Picture Book Report. This blog project was created by artist Meg Hunt and featured several contributing artists, all of which were invited to become contributors at the start of the project. This one also has some really amazing work.

Meg's blog was juried, Cory Godbey's (Terrible Yellow Eyes) was not, as far as I know. So there are a few different ways people have test-driven this model, and I'm sure there will be many more.  Lucky for us, I'm sure there will be many more blogs of this genre in the future. Looking forward to it!

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Heidi Kellenberger said...

Thanks for the write up! Can't wait to see your submissions!