Monday, August 15, 2011

Bill Mayer

When I think of Bill Mayer's illustrations, what comes to mind are his nutty, air-brushed monsters. They are so bright and colorful and lovable.
But Bill is actually a very versatile artist with several different styles. In his latest children's book Hide and Sheep by Andrea Beaty he uses a pen and watercolor technique reminiscent of old comics and early 1930 cartoons. I love buying children's books that have interesting techniques that include some digital aspects. This is one of those books.

This very cute story, written by Andrea Beaty, is about Farmer McFitt's frisky sheep that are on the loose. As Farmer McFitt sleeps the morning away, his restless sheep end up joining the circus, going to the movies and visiting an art museum.

You can see more of Bill Mayer's art on his website here. The entry into his website is worth the visit. And be sure to check out his scratchboard work. Just beautiful!

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