Friday, July 29, 2011

Loungefly's Hello Kitty products delight and amaze

I am so impressed with the way the contemporary accessory company company Loungefly reinterprets our classic friend Hello Kitty. They do a truly amazing job at containing and preserving the essence and the sentiment of classic HK in the products they create with the license. But they take it to a whole other level— they succeed at elevating the brand. Fantastic modern design integrating fresh new concepts and often bright ideas, an excellent attention to detail, and to top it all off, really high quality products. I should know— I  have two Loungefly HK bags which I use on a daily basis, and I will gleefully purchase more when they hit all these marks. To see a company do such a wonderful job with one of my favorite character brands is a revelation. Big props to Loungefly for such outstanding execution with the HK/Sanrio license — they always leave me wanting more!

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