Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Hello friends.
I too thought of "months" books when contemplating our first week of the new year posting.
In honor of my beloved son, Kevin, who passed away on Nov. 1st I want to share one of his favorite books.

"Kevvy" absolutely loved stories and we read this particular book many times together.

Kipper's new year's resolution is to not throw snowballs at Tiger (which he doesn't keep btw). Kipper and Tiger explore the months of the year with Kipper taking photos to capture memories. It is a delightful story that will teach the months while keeping children amused with the antics the two of them get up to. And as usual, can the illustrations be any more endearing? Mick Inkpen has such a talent for weaving sweet scenes, humour, and childhood innocence.
I love the ending and the last "photo" of the year. Hint: Tiger gets his snowball revenge. ;o)

Happy New Year everyone. I hope this year brings you peace, joy, prosperity and good health.

For my sweetie.

Kevin Fulcher Jr.
Feb 1, 1995- Nov. 1 2010


Carla said...

I love the name "Kevin". It means "beautiful at birth" and there is no doubt that he was/is a beautiful spirit.

Thanks for sharing your story.

roz said...

Carla, thank you so much for saying that. It was very difficult posting this today and your words have warmed my heart.

Phyllis Harris said...

Dear sweet Roz...thank you for posting this and sharing your heart. Big hugs and prayers to you my friend. May your new year be filled with peace and comfort from God.

Deb said...

Oh, Roz, what a beautiful post about Kevvy. Thank you for sharing this memory of him. So glad to have you back!!

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

My dear Rozzita... this is a beautiful post.

I know this was hard for you today but I'm sure Kevyy is loving this post so much.
He will always be with you, no matter what sweetie.

I'm glad you are back on the blog!!


Gina Perry said...

Thank you for sharing one of Kevvy's favorites with us Roz. I love Mick's work too - I'll have to search for this. It's nice to have you back posting Roz, I know we've all missed you. hugs.

roz said...

Tears and hugs to you guys. I'm grateful to have you all. I mean that sincerely.

Little Green Doll said...

Dear Roz,
Thanks for sharing it. It's a beautiful post dedicated to your dear Kevin. Hugs, Silvia