Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Children's books and greeting cards

© copyright Alicia Padrón

When I was pregnant with my first kid I had a burst of creative energy. Maybe it was due to the fact that I was lying around most of the day with swollen ankles and lot of free time in my hands.

I remember thinking out this whole line of greeting cards. Sweet Dreams was it's name. I even tried to send samples out but nothing really ever happened from there. I have to say that my art wasn't what it is today. Basically it sucked. Honestly, I cringe ever time I bump into any of my old drawings, painting or sketches!

But it also makes me happy to realize how much I have grown and moved forward. The only way to get where I am today was to go through what I did. So no regrets there. I also know I still have yet lots to learn.

Every time I create a little spot of art like this one I can't help to remember the greeting card market and that there is still a part of me that would like to try it out.

I like the idea of making fresh illustrations just designed for a card. Send a message of love, friendship or just because. After working on books that take months to do, the idea of working on short projects sounds refreshing.

So I might try it out. I know myself and that little voice inside me will never shut up unless I do.

How about you? Do any of you work for that market too? Any pointers, pros/cons, want to share your experience? I'd love to know. :o)


jeannie brett said...

I too have had the card thing bugging me for years...and for years I have designed custom cards for myself and other folks, but never commercially. I have been printing cards on my own to sell locally and I find it brings me joy but not financial joy. That's ok as long as I am aware of that fact!:) I find it very satisfying to create a one time design for a's instant gratification. I also love the envelopes, cellophane wrap and ribbons to dress it up! SO CHEERS and happy card designing!

Nina Crittenden said...

I have also thought about greeting cards, and have printed up a few on my own (like Jeannie). They are fun, and it would be super cool to see one of your cards in a store. I really don't get how that market works and hope to look into it someday... Good luck, Alicia! Your work needs to be out in the world as many ways as possible! :)

Jon Davis said...

I know exactly want you mean about cringing when you see old pieces of work, it is amazing how much you can improve just by doing it, doing it and doing it.
I reckon you should do greetings cards, I'm not surprised the picture on this post made you think of it, it would suit it very well.
I've thought about it too.
An idea I've had is that I've noticed that small sections of some of my illustrations, if adapted slightly would suit greetings cards, so that may be a good way to get a set of pictures to get started with :)

Alicia Padrón said...

Jeannie- I agree, it it's satisfying to create a one time design for a card. I think the whole concept of the greeting card itself it's lovely. There is always a meaning behind it. It's almost impossible to separate the design with the sentiment and that is what I like the most. Even though it's a "commercial" invention it just doesn't feel like it at all. It's a from-me-to-you kind of thing and I love that. I say keep on creating your cards and envelopes and let that joy keep coming and maybe eventually it could turn into financial joy too! :o)

Nina- Oh I bet your cards are so cute! Aww, you are the sweetest thing you... Thank you my friend. xo

Jon- Oh yes the inevitable cringing huh? Haha.. but it's good no? I honestly can't believe some of the things I bump into from the past. I always have the same reaction, first horror and then a tiny smile emerges. Oh I think that is great that you noticed you could take some sections of your art for inspiration and card design. I say go for it! Big things start like that, with small ideas and little details. :o)

Gina Perry said...

I've been making my own holiday cards for many years. It was a constant when other things were flux (like my career!). I have tried that market and I had to admit that cards are just not my cup of tea. Your work would translate beautifully, and you should definitely give it a try again. It would seem like a nice break to do one-off designs after so many books back-to-back!

Alicia Padrón said...

I would love to see your holiday cards Gina! I bet they are lovely :o)

Yes, exactly, I really like the fact that each card is a short project as opposed to a book that takes months. Sounds fun to alternate you know?