Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to School Week

© Copyright Alicia Padrón 2009

Hi there! I know it's back to school in the US, not for us yet. My kids don't go back till the end of September, although now it seems to be October (Venezuela is a mess.. don't ask) but we are still getting ready for when that time comes.

I am so busy right now, I apologize I couldn't come up with new art for this theme. So I'll post an older illustration. I actually used this on a PBJ promo once.

I don't know about you, but I am just like the bunny wearing the inside out purple dress ... not a morning bunny all. :o)


Anonymous said...

My teenager would be thrilled if he didn't have to go back to school until the end of the month. Schools were back in session as of yesterday.

Your illustration may be an older one, but it is new to me. I like it. Thanks for sharing it!

Suzanne Del Rizzo said...

Adorable Alicia! I love the wramth of the sun and the cute personalities of your characters.I can relate to that little tired bunny-I went all day with my shirt on inside out once(back when I worked in a research lab)thank God I wore a lab coat-hahaha, 'cause I didn't notice until after lunch!

Tamara Henderson said...

Awww...sweet little off to school!