Monday, April 19, 2010

Good Night, Gorilla

This is the perfect book for bed time. My husband and I got a lot of mileage out of this book when our nephew was wee. We discovered what a truly classic and timeless book this really is, because I think we read it to Nicolas about 100 times. He never got bored with it and always enjoyed it. On deeper investigation, many decisions in the creation of the book were so well-thought out to make this a perfect bed-time book.

The concept is so much fun-- lively but still quiet and perfect for child's bed time reading. The art is vibrant and energizing but not manic. Nice organic line work is perfect to interest but not excite. And some nice panoramic spreads  are not too busy but also are also not too sparse-- allowing the viewers' eyes to relax while still being active. The story actually ends at bed-time, which could not be more fitting.

One of the most enduring bed-time books ever published. Good night!


martinealison said...

Thank for these good comments about this book!
I still haven't a grandson or a granddaughter but later i follow your advices...

Kristi Valiant said...

This book is on my must-buy list for my daughter when she gets a bit older like in a few months. She's only 3 months now, but already loves books.

I love hilarious books with minimal text and in which the pictures really do tell part of the story.

Gina Perry said...

I concur Kathy! Miles loves this book, and I still enjoy it after many reads. It works from a very young age on up since there are all those layers to look for (following the balloon, noticing the neighbors in the window, animal naming, etc.) I love how few words are needed to tell the story too.

Jane Wilson said...

We still have our copy! I can never part with a great book!

Jim. said...

This was one of our son's favorites for months. It's a subtle work of inspired genius. So many visual details to discover, even on the Nth re-read.

Colors, characterization, the balloon, the photos on the wall of the Zoo keepers house (they're holding a baby gorilla - back story!), it really packs a ton of information into a simple story.

I love it. Picture book creators should study it.