Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I Spy "Ghost Gets Dressed"... at the bookstore!

This weekend, I was shopping in my favorite children's bookstore, Curious George Goes To Wordsworth (it's in my 'hood, Harvard Square) when - - what do you know!! - - I spied the charming, lovely, and all-dressed-up Ghost Gets Dressed hanging out in the fabulous center display (all done up for Halloween, no less). The display was bright and magical, full of fun things to look at, play with, and of course, to read (this being a bookstore and all). Seeing "Ghost" there was a real treat, and I quickly snatched up a copy to take home with me!

(Ghost Gets Dressed was on the upper right portion of this display, when first spotted)

After I left on that particular day, I realized I hadn't taken a photo of "Ghost" in the display! I would return later in the week, camera in tow, for another photo-op. Upon returning on Tuesday, "Ghost" had moved into another prominent spot (they sure move the merchandise around a lot in this store)! This time, I spied the little critter on a standing book shelf (still part of the Halloween display)!

It is especially fun to see a friend's book in an actual bookstore - - and even better when it is one of your favorite bookstores!! You just feel full of pride and happiness!! I wished "Ghost" well, and wished for the book to bring many young 'ghosties' lots of giggles and chuckles this Halloween (and all year 'round)!!!


janee said...

Kathy, I felt as if we all got to go on your book shopping fest right along with you! Thanks for all the pictures. What a great store!

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

This is wonderful... Loved reading this post. I got goosebumps (really) :o) That bookstore looks lovely..wish I could be there.