Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekly Theme: "Follow Through"

With work deadlines, you don't have much choice but to follow through. It's tougher when it comes to personal projects. I drew these little mouse babies quite awhile back, and I always had this nagging idea that I wanted to put "real" clothes on them. I love how so many illustrators use mixed media, and I was itching to try my had at adding fabric swatches to my watercolor. It's taken me months, but here they finally are. It may seem trivial, but this idea wouldn't go away, and I had to attempt it just once, to satisfy my curiosity. By following through, I found a technique that I really like, one that I may use again.


Diane Duda said...

What a great character! And the real clothing is so adorable!

Hooray for following through!

Laura said...

Thanks very much, Diane!