Monday, July 23, 2007

Follow Through

Does anyone else have a step in their process that they don't enjoy?
For me it's picking out the colors for my illustration. Should I use fabric here, should I use felt?
What color works best, should I make this blue or green?
Sure, I can do a color comp on the computer but for the most part I continue on with my love/hate relationship of physically picking and choosing colors by hand.
This is what my table usually looks like at the very beginning of a project. I haven't even tackled the fabric and embellishments yet!

Following through and trusting that it will all come together is getting easier but I still don't enjoy this part. I envy those that do!

Here is the result of the jumble of felt above.

I wish I could share the entire illustration. Hopefully soon.


Book Fairy said...

Roz, I'm taking a class on how to blog with Heather, and she used this site as an example. I love the work you have posted here. The creativity of doing a group blog is really a neat idea.


roz said...

Hiya, Laurie, so great to hear from you.
It's a lot of fun having a group blog, thanks. Good luck to you and happy writing!