Monday, July 9, 2007

In the Good Ol' Summer Time:

The highlight of our summer will be taking a trip to my favorite place, Disneyland. We went last year and had so much fun!

Here is a pic taken first time that I went on the "Tower of Terror" with Emily and Jesse. This picture was snapped right before we were PLUNGED downward , simulating a broken elevator. I was ready to disown my wicked children for making me go on this thing!
We went on it several times after this pic and it's now one of my favorite rides. The kids are forgiven.

And where are the two Kevins? On safe ground!

We have managed to find several rides we can do as a family.
Our favorite is the "Pirates of the Caribbean". Kevvy LOVES the steep dips on that one.

We'll be leaving for Disney very soon! Counting the days...

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