Friday, May 25, 2007


Speaking of Heroes, does anyone else watch that show? The season finale was awesome!

I think illustrators should have superpowers too. They don't need to invent new ones, we can just take over those the characters on the show have:

Hiro Nakamura - ability to bend or stop time
Boy howdy, wouldn't that come in handy for deadlines?

Claire Bennet - ability to self heal
Think of all the X-Acto scars and Rapidograph tattoos that could have been avoided!

Matt Parkman - ability to read minds
Very useful for the occasional bit of vague art direction.

Micah Sanders - ability to control technology
What? No more computer/internet/ftp errors?

Peter Petrelli - absorbs other superheroes' powers
Just let me stand next to Mo Willems for a minute.

Ok, fine, I'm a geek.

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