Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Weekly Theme: Inspiration

Create what haunts you - memories that inhabit the corners of your mind, tugging at your heart in quiet moments.

10 memories that inspire me:

1. A walk in the woods when I was 8 with my Dad & cousins. We come across a brush covered in ice after a snowstorm. My cousins quickly hit it with sticks to knock of the icicles. I was sad that they messed up something so beautiful.

2. Sitting on the beach, watching fireworks on the fourth of July. Between the booms, the "ohhs" and "ahhs", you could hear the water lapping at the shore.

3. My dad singing pirate songs to us while playing his guitar.

4. Dipping strawberries into my great grandmother's sugar bowl.

5. Chasing fireflies on hot summer nights.

6. Watching the meteor show that happened every year on my birthday.

7. A Christmas program I was in, I played the Mom and was upset because the girl who played the daughter was so much taller than me.

8. Our 2 room schoolhouse, saving our lunch scraps for the principal's goat.

9. A little boy, who was obsessed with the army, asked me for my serial number I said, "Uh, cheerios." (3rd grade.)

10. My best friend, John, his big sister and I made a real log cabin from little trees that we cut down. It had a door, a window, a thatched roof and a curtain made out of a dishtowel. It took us half the summer to make. John and his sister were in the Scouts and were quite handy.