Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I want to share an author who is inspiring me at the moment.

I'm currently taking Anastasia Suen's Poetry Workshop and in this workshop you have to read several stories in rhyme daily. I can't get enough of Karma Wilson.

Not only are her stories entertaining, her skill for near perfect meter, fun alliteration and catchy refrains are to be envied. (See, I told you I was taking a class, look at all the cool words I know now!)

If I was Karma, I think I would be awestruck by the choice of illustrators for her books. She is one fortunate gal!

Look at the "Bear's New Friend" by Jane Chapman, for example. She creates the most idyllic settings and endearing animals with her acrylics and brushes.

I've been collecting books illustrated by Margaret Spengler, Jeff E. Davis and Buket Erdogan for years. You've guessed it. They've all illustrated a Karma Wilson manuscript. Amazon must be loving me right now. I wonder whose child I'm putting through college with all the books I'm ordering?

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