Monday, April 16, 2007

Weekly Theme: "Favorite Art Supplies"

It’s taken a few years to discover the art materials that fit me best. Watercolor is the only paint medium I really use. It was a lot of trial and error to “find” my process, and I’m continually looking and trying new things to see if I might like something else better.

Here’s my list:

Pan watercolor: Sennelier—the colors are wonderful.
Tube: M. Graham—handcrafted, rich, yummy colors, with a lovely consistency.

Tracing paper: anything that is cheap! I use lots and lots (and lots)
Watercolor paper: I will use Arches or Fabriano, I love them both. Extra white is my preference, hot or cold pressed, just depends on the project.

Pencils: I’ll use nearly anything that will make a mark, but my favorite is any brown tone of Prismacolor. The pencils "give" and can be really soft, thin, fat, etc. I love them. For coloring, I like to use Bruynzeel pencils.
Pens: Love Faber-Castell artist pens, also use a quill with Winsor-Newton inks, just depends on the line I'm going for.

And of course, tools that I cannot do without are my trusty computer, Wacom, and coffee mug!

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