Sunday, October 5, 2008


In the spotlight...

Everyone in Gustavo's family is in a mariachi band. Everyone except Gustavo, that is. They all play violíns, trompetas and guitarrones. They all make wonderful music in restaurants and at wedding parties. Gustavo would love to join the band, but he can't play any of the instruments. What's a wannabe mariachi to do?

We are thrilled to share with you another PBJ spotlight! A warm welcome to the very talented Dani Jones, who is the illustrator of The Best Mariachi In the World, written by J.D Smith and published with Raven Tree Press.

Dani will be spending the week with us answering questions about her experience on this delightful book so be sure to come back tomorrow when we get things started.
And that's not all, Dani has graciously offered a signed copy of Mariachi to a lucky winner. Thanks, Dani! All you have to do is answer this multiple choice question:

"In what Mexican state did mariachi music originate?"

A. Sonora
B. Jalisco
C. Durango

Please leave your answer in the comments section . Correct answers will be placed in a drawing with the winner announced on Sunday. Good luck!

Until tomorrow, be sure to check out Dani's fabulous website, blog and tutorials.


Alicia Padrón said...

This is very exciting! I love Dani's work.. I'm so looking forward to this week :o)

Kristi Valiant said...

Congrats, Dani, on your new book! I look forward to your interview.
B. Jalisco

J.D. Smith said...

I love what Dani has done with my words!

My wife and I have been showing the book to a variety of people, and they all are delighted with how it looks.

Thanks for including this title on your blog.

Gina Perry said...

I'm so excited to see the book - and Dani's interview this week. She's so talented and the story looks adorable (and very unique!)

Dani said...

Awesome - this is going to be fun.

roz said...

Many congratulations on your picturebook, J.D!
Dani, we're really looking forward to this week as well, thanks for participating.

Bob Ostrom Studio said...

Book looks great! Always fun to them in print... (Just subscribed so I can catch the interview too).

Aithene said...

What will she say? I don't know. i just know I like to kick around her site every now and then to see what she's been drawing lately. And I envy her modbook.

BTW, B. Jalisco

Katie McDee said...

How great! Really lookin forward to the interview :)
B. Jalisco

Tami Traylor said...

How wonderful!
The correct answer is:
B. Jalisco

Debbie Meyer said...

Ooh! I'm muey excited to hear more from Dani. I love her work!! I'll have to go on youtube to have some mariachi music to listen to while I read her interview. :)

Oh, and the answer to your question is:


Aithene said...

Hola, amigos!

I just love the fact that we all sound so well trained by Dora the Explorer!

Chris (formerly known as knickname unavailable)

Niina A. said...

I love Dani's work and am looking forward to more posts with her!

The answer is B. Jalisco