Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 1 Interview - Carlyn Beccia

Hi Carlyn! Thanks so much for joining us this week. We are really looking forward to celebrating the debut of your new book, The Raucous Royals, with you.

This is such a fun and interesting twist on history.
What came first for you - the idea to create a historical book that children would enjoy or visuals that you wanted to build a manuscript around?

The ideas and research always come first for me. My second thought is, will this research lend itself to expressive illustrations?

Carlyn, you seem to have such an affinity for historical subjects. The art from "Ballyhoo" and "Raucous" perfectly capture the look of their time and place in history. Do you study historical art? Which of its artists have inspired you?

Thanks. I am a bit of a history geek. I love historical research and have always been inspired by Hogarth. He is the master of satire and his paintings always tell such rich stories in a single glance.

Carlyn, your historical clothing and details are so much fun. Can you share some of the research process for your books?"

Sure. I poured over paintings, manuscripts, woodcuts, libels, pamphlets and visited the National Portrait Gallery and British Museum in London. Paintings helped the most because portraiture was so rich in detail during this time.

The design and layout of your previous book "Who Put The B In The Ballyhoo" so perfectly complemented the art and the theme. For "Raucous Royals", how were you able to maintain the integrity of your overall aesthetic vision regarding the design and layout of the book? Did you collaborate with the publishers' book designer on the design and layout of the book, or alternately, did you design the book yourself?

It was a collaborative process between me and my art director, Sheila Smallwood. I incorporated design aspects, borders and dingbats from each era into the art and Sheila kept it looking cohesive through consistent type treatments. Also, all of the art is set against the same background which helps to keep a consistent look and feel.


Tommorow we'll continue with our interview but until then, leave a comment with your answer to the true/false question, "Did Anne Boleyn have 6 fingers?" and be entered to win a signed copy of The Raucous Royals.


Anonymous said...

False - What a great idea for a children's book!!

Ursula Shaw said...

False. I am a fan Carlyn's digital art and am a frequent visitor to her blog and The Raucous Royals Blog. I love her style!

AZ HS Spotlight said...

False!! I love the Raucous Royals Blog!!!!

Anonymous said...

It isn't true. Like Richard III's infamous and non-existent humpback and withered arm, Anne's malformities were an invention of Tudor propagandists. I can only imagine that the lies were even more outrageous but the ascension of Anne's daughter nipped a bunch of it in the historical bud.

Love the Raucous blog. I check it regularly. Keep it coming!

Beth said...

False! I really enjoyed this interview, too.

Develish D said...

FALSE! Carlyn seems to be a wonderful talent and I hope she is inspired to create for many years to come.

Kristi Valiant said...

False, at least there doesn't seem to be any eye witnesses. Thanks for posting the interviews!

Chris Mix said...

False! - Congrats Carlyn again and much succes with the Raucous Royals! It's such a cool book -and the blog is great too. I tried to post my answer yesterday, but, the post didn't take, so I'm trying it again today.
Chris Mix

Breezy said...

False! Besides the fact that it was just a rumor, why would Henry want a deformed woman as the mother of his future heir?

I've been keeping up on your blog for nearly a year now, and this is the first time I've commented! ::gasps!:: Ladies, you are such an inspirational bunch of artists, it just tickles me pink to get to learn from you! Thank you for sharing your works in progress, ideas, and inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Okay everyone. I'm going to go against the flow here.

True - she did have six fingers. Haven't you seen Princess Bride? That's why King Henry XIII liked her so much - she was different from all the rest.

There you have it. That's their love story.

miss emily rose

Libby said...

This is a sensational idea for a children's book. And really for anyone, not just the kiddies. I also have been enjoying your blog Carlyn. And I have been an avid reader of the Picture Book Junkies as well.

Everyone take care,

Unknown said...

id have to say:FALSE- this looks like a verry interesting book! id love to get sometime!

Unknown said...

False, she had ELEVEN Fingers, six on one hand, five on the other

Unknown said...

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