Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Doodle Game

"Doodling" for me represents a game that I played often with my mum growing up and now as an adult with my own kids. We call it the "doodle game" or "squiggles". It's the perfect past time on a long journey or during a sleepover.

Emily and I played a game of doodles for this post. As you can see, a little someone wanted to play too.

The rules are simple. One player does a quick doodle/scribble and the other player has to turn it into a picture. You can flip your paper any which way you need to.

I like to play in my sketch book...that way I know I won't lose it. (I save and date all of them.)

(I highlighted the doodle in purple to show how each image started. click to enlarge)

Give it a try, it's a ton of fun!


Unknown said...

Roz, this is very cool. I love your outlining of this creative exercise (no pun intended)! I also love your sweet little pen cap-chewing doggie!! SO adorable!!!

roz said...

Thanks Kathy!
Yes, that little critter has to be into everything!