Monday, May 20, 2013

What I'm Working on This Month

©Deborah Melmon 2013

Having a great time working on several jobs this month. One of the more brain-teasing projects is work for Highlights on new Hidden Picture Books for the very young. I was thinking very young meant "very easy," but I was wrong. Hidden picture puzzles take some doing to find creative and interesting ways to hide objects! Since the puzzles are in color, you can't just add objects willy, nilly. They have to fit the illustration so that their color is reasonable in a real world context, i.e. no blue tomatoes. And objects can't be hidden in logical places either.  If you're going to hide a leaf, it can't be in a tree :) So far I've hidden a zipper in a stalk of corn, a mop in a haystack, and a horseshoe in a trumpet. Some have come easy, and some I've had to work at, but it's been super fun to combine a puzzle with an illustration.


Sasha said...

And worth it! I'm sure many of us remember the fun of circling those puzzles as a kid. Little did we know the work behind it all.

roz said...

How FUN!!!!!

Deb said...

Thanks Sasha....yeah, so fun to work on stuff that I remember as a child too. Amazing how Highlights has lasted through the years!

Thank you rozzie!

Gina Perry said...

That's such a fun project - and definitely one to stretch your problem-solving skills! My kids love My First Hidden Pictures - we'll be on the lookout for this one, Deb!