Monday, March 25, 2013

The Author-Illustrator Relationship

I've been meaning to post about this picture book for some time now. A friend of mine is a teacher and read it to her classroom and knew that I would love it, since I am a picture book illustrator.

Have you ever wondered what makes a picture book successful? The story or the pictures? Author or illustrator? In reality, one cannot live without the other. But this story about Chloe and the Lion has a very funny tug-of-war side-story between the clay figures of Mac Barnett (author) and Adam Rex (illustrator). This video, produced by DisneyHyperion will definitely give you a few laughs.

The art in the book was made with basswood, balsa wood, oil and acrylic paints, pencil, Sculpey clay, modified doll clothing, toilet paper, photography, and Photoshop. So fun!

You can see more of Adam Rex's artwork here.

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