Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Go weird or go home"

"Go weird or go home" - me
This sketchbook page is one of my recent favorites, and the quote was something I wrote down a few days later. I want to live, draw, and paint by it. Is that wrong? I feel like my best chance at success as an author/illustrator is to channel my inner weirdo as much as possible. Sick Taco? Awkward Hug Series? It wakes me up and keeps me drawing to see what new weirdos will appear. I'm not sure how to translate these little nuggets into actual manuscripts or dummies, but I know there is something there worth treasuring.


Jenn Bower said...

I love this post. Yes, channel that inner weirdo. Your sketches are fantastic, fun and unique. I've struggled so much with this very thing...owning that inner dork and letting her come out. I think, when we don't, our line become inauthentic. So here is to weirdos and dorks the world over. Can't wait to see what you put out there.

Gina Perry said...

Thank you, Jenn. Go full out yourself, too!

Rachel B. said...

I love these guys ' n' gals ' n' creatures plus the ones I saw on your pineapple blog I think! They remind me of my daughter Lily's. She is only 8, but don't be insulted, she is so creative and talented sometimes think I should hang it up and do something else where I see her work! NK!