Thursday, September 27, 2012

What I'm Working On

I thought I'd share the finished illustration from my last 'What I'm Working On' post back in July. I've been a busy bee: updating my website, physical portfolio, and twitter page; mailing off a special little promotional; getting ready for the Illustrator's Symposium at NHIA this weekend.

It's always such a treat to spend time with fellow illustrator friends (in real life!) and be re-inspired to keep me moving forward. It's also a treat that I'm not putting any last minute work together AND I have new business cards to share - woot!

P.S.: I was feeling too much like that big blue guy yesterday. Today I'm channeling the orange guy, leaping over toys to get to my desk while little ones oblige.

1 comment:

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Just went and had a peek at everything... oh my Ggina, you've been busy! Everything looks wonderful! xo