Monday, April 30, 2012

A New Picture Book by Randy Cecil

Randy Cecil has a new picture book out. It's call Horsefly and Honeybee. A very simple but clever premise about a horsefly and a honeybee who decide to take a nap in the same flower. They don't want to share the flower and trouble ensues. They have a fight.....and it's not pretty. Each one loses a wing in the quarrel and they run away in opposite directions. But they meet again when both are captured by a hungry bullfrog and have to figure out how to escape by working together.

I love the simplicity of his design and the vibrant color pallette. I never pull a book off the shelf to read the  story if I don't like the art, so I was glad that the art just popped off the page for me. The story is a great
lesson in life.

A couple of years ago I blogged about Randy Cecil and his book Brontorina, written by James Howe. You can read it here. You can also find out more about Randy on his website.


Christie Wright Wild said...

Sounds so cute!

Patti said...

so cute! Checked out Brontorina too. Love it!