Thursday, April 5, 2012


Do you remember Frederick? I was in the library the other day and when I pulled this book off the shelf, I was flooded with childhood memories and feelings! I was mesmerized by this book as a child, even before I could read, I think. The story can absolutely be enjoyed without the benefit of words.  Of course, the finer points of the plot might be lost in translation, but look at how much story and personality and narrative the below image conveys, all without a single word.

Wow! I think this was my favorite image in the book as a child. It is so beautiful!

Frederick was originally released in 1967, (won a Caldecott), and today is back in print. He's a super-hip mouse at 44 years old and counting. I'm happy to learn that today, Frederick even has his own Facebook page.

Watch the frederick story on YouTube (approx 6-7 minutes).

Keep on collecting the colors, Frederick, and we will keep closing our eyes and listening!

Frederick is available on Amazon here.

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