Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Draw Something

Hello...do you recognize me? I am the #1 pbjunkie slacker coming to post. Hope you all have been well. I have been working on some fun assignments and still multi tasking with my favorite game, Words With Friends.

But have you all heard of the new rage in gaming?

"Draw Something" can be played on your Androids, Iphones, Ipads etc and is a mix of the game board Pictionary and the word jumble from your newspaper.
You play with a friend or a random opponent, taking turns drawing clues to words and solving them.

(drawing provided as an example- from app store)

On your turn you choose from 3 levels of difficulty and then draw the word with your finger or stylus. You press "send" and your opponent watches a video of your brush strokes and must guess the word using your drawing. Also provided is a jumble of 12 letters which includes the letters of the word. After your opponent has solved (or passed) it is your turn to watch their video and solve the puzzle.

It's a very simple and easy to learn game--- so I've heard.

I haven't started playing yet but my fingers are itching to try. I have stuck with wwf telling myself that if I'm drawing, I should be "working". But the flip side -what a fun way to exercise your drawing muscles without the restrictions of a deadline. A warm up if you will.
Yeah, I like that justification better. ;0)


Gina Perry said...

Hi Rozzie, I don't know how I missed this game until this week either. It's totally addictive. And I think it's so fun to see other artist friends draw. It is sort of a mid-point between time-suck and creative push-ups, isn't it.

Kathy Weller said...

ROZ, you are SO FUNNY.. on two counts. 1) Slacker. (I love you for this. Did you catch the baton when I threw it last week? J/K LOL haha!!) 2) I love that you are posting about this!!! Hurry up and play already!!! Get IN there, my friend!!

I totally concur about the drawing warm up. This game IS helping my work!! I kid you not!! I will explain in further detail in email if you want!! (Not that you would want me to and not that I'd blame you if you didn't, because I can't shut up about this game!)

Just dive in already (and when you do, PLEASE play with ME!) XOOX

Sara said...

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