Monday, February 27, 2012

High Five Magazine

I know I've been posting book reviews, but today I wanted to share a bit about High Five Magazine - since that's been our reading staple at home for the past few weeks.
The above is a gorgeous piece illustrated by Ian Joven (you MUST see his tumblr site - beautiful work, every bit of it!) and written by Carol Samuelson-Woodson.
With my 3yo, High Five stories are the perfect length for his short attention span. We both like the variety in story and activity throughout. And the first hidden pictures are so much fun to do together! It's a top-notch publication, and our copies get worn to pieces with re-reads.
It also reminds me that while I'm not trying to 'get' any book work right now, I really could try to get magazine work. The assignments are small enough for me to manage right now. And if I want to be even more ambitious, I should actually submit a story.

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roz said...

Gosh, those colors are just gorgeous. I love this style! I have always wanted my work to have this vibrancy. haha Just not me though, sadly. Thx for sharing!