Friday, January 20, 2012

Have you met Danita Art?

Danita is a Mexican artist. 

Frida and the Blue House 

She began blogging in April of 2007. Back then, she was selling her work on Ebay. Six years later, she is an internet art superstar. She's got thousands of Etsy sales, several features in Somerset family of magazines, and a couple of book inclusions to her credit.

The Owl and the Pussycat

She's built a loyal community on her wonderful art and blog.

Her subject matter runs the gamut, from fantasy...
Rain Drop fairy tales...
Alice Chases the White Rabbit
The Red Queen
Humpty Dumpty images that are ripe for making up your OWN stories..

I Dream of Flying
A Great Catch
These are but a sampling of her fantastic work. She also creates a few special products too. Wait 'til you see some of those... some might be better scouted out on her blog—when she posts new handmade goods on Etsy they are often gone immediately.

For instance, check out these Frida Kahlo encaustic wax journals. All I can think of is DREAMY. Look at these christmas paintings. {sigh.} And how 'bout these ornaments? I mean, want vs. need? The needle is straining toward need...

Anyway, I hope you will check out Danita. She is also on twitter and facebook and flickr

(...and I hope you fall magically in love with her fairy-dusted work, just like I did!)


Hardygirl said...

LOVE THESE! I'm heading over for more now.


maya:) said...

hello from greece!!sooo beautiful are!!i am number 300 reader to your blog!!!!!!!! :D