Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Book Week Celebration - Day Five

You know what three things really thrill me?

#1 ... Details

I love the musical notes! I love the little boy's expression!
There are SO many lovely little details in this book...
And all done in Alicia's signature soft, sweet style.

#2... Die cuts!

Okay... so any excuse for a die cut is good enough for me.
But you know what's really special and meaningful?
When it's done with thoughtfulness, purpose, and a design
specifically intended for its audience. Functional fun!

#3... Spot gloss!

Spot gloss is so great when used effectively. When it's not, you wonder
why it is there art all (at least I do). No worries about that here!
The cover spot gloss is used sparingly but very effectively. The book
cover is a soft, velvety matte finish, which works perfectly with the
spot-glossed title and angels. It's just the little "extra something" that elevates
the cover art and design to the next level of awesome.

Please comment for a chance to win a copy of Alicia's beautiful new book, Ladybird First Favorite Christmas Book! You have until saturday to comment, and then Ali will be randomly picking a winner on Sunday. So stay tuned! :)


Suzanne Del Rizzo said...

I'm a details junkie myself too:-) This book looks so wonderful Alicia!

Kellie Conklin said...

This book looks so nice, love the details! They really do have the power to make a book that much better. Thanks for the giveaway!

Catherine Sunga said...

All of Ali's books are of good quality! I have read Wish Trees and I Love You All Year Round to my toddlers over a thousand times. Congratulations once again :)