Friday, December 16, 2011

Bérengère Delaporte


For just a little segueway into next week's big-bang PBJ Owlkids Book Week (which is sure to be full of fun! thrills! and—yes!—a very nice giveaway, too!), please do meet the latest illustrator-subject of my complete adoration!

Bérengère Delaporte is the masterful artist behind Owlkids' My Beastly Book of Twisted Tales activity book. I'll go so far as to say I am googley-eyed over her work. Furthermore, I will break the suspense and tell you even before my official review that, yes, this book is a totally delightful ride of wild mayhem, bewildering humor, and some extremely humorous, crazy-pants creativity.

But without even going there just yet, please do click on the above screenshot image, and check out Berengere's web site* yourself to immerse your eyeballs and brain in her work. (I am willing to bet it'll get to your heart and your funny bone, too!)

*The site is in Flash, so if you are on a non-flash-viewable device, check out her work here through google images instead.

See you next week for Owllkids Book Week, starting Monday!

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ArtGhost said...

Wow! Thanks for introducing me to the work of this amazing illustrator!