Thursday, October 27, 2011

Making Mischief - a Maurice Sendak Appreciation

I spied the coolest book in the bookstore the other day... A big book all about Maurice Sendak and his art. It is a beautiful book!

This picture is from probably my own personal favorite Sendak book, In The Night Kitchen. I love the Laurel & Hardy bakers. I always found them so creepy/cool but entrancing! I'm still entranced. This book makes an impact, a lasting one. That is success right there.

Lovely pencil drawings. I'm such a fan of pencil. Sometimes I enjoy it over a final, finished work of art. It just has that immediacy, the gesture. The moment. It's a magical quality.

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Jo Brown said...

thanks for sharing, I'll look out for this! read some really interesting interviews with Maurice Sendak recently. Just watched the movie of Where the Wild things are... will have to go find my copy of the book now