Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Labracadabra Celebration Week- Emily Fulcher Review

(Today we have a guest blogger, my daughter, Emily.
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I love this book! I love the way the writing and the illustrations worked so well together. After seeing the cover, I was already tied in. From the beginning, it was a great book. I loved how the boy started off wanting a puppy so badly, but once he got him, he wasn’t what the boy was expecting at all. As the book went on, the boy found things about the puppy that absolutely amazed him. In the end, the boy and the puppy were the best of friends. The illustrations that Deborah Melmon did for the story were great! After seeing them, there was no way I could imagine the story illustrated by anyone else. The pictures complimented the story, and kept me hooked. Great job!


t said...

this looks like something my son might like! I hope I win so I can turn him on to the wonder of reading!!! It just hasn't really happened yet-I'm hoping one day it will and soon! The illustrations look great!

Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

Ooooh look at Emily! How fun. Hi Em! :oD

Loved this post Rozzita and Em's review. xo

Deb said...

Thank you Emily for your review! I'm honored :)
Very cute picture of you!

Michelle said...

My students love any-kind-of-dog-books. I think they will be intrigued by this one! Thanks for the review. You've got me wondering!

Laura said...

Great review! Looks like a fun book! : )