Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Marking Memories with a children's book

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Maine for the week. What a beautiful state! I like collecting little tourist trinkets -typical stuff-to mark memories. I bought a key chain, wine stopper, a hoodie and coffee mug. Also found a lovely piece of lavendar sea glass by the sea!

But what I'd really like to recommend doing when traveling, is collecting a children's book from the area. While shopping I found some lovely books that represented Maine nicely. My favorite,though, was "Journey around Maine A to Z" written and illustrated by Martha Day Zschock.

Martha's lyrical water color illustrations work so well with her equally lyrical text, sharing fun factoids and family fun attractions in Maine. Although this is geared for children, I found it just as beguiling a read. Sure, you can find a good sightseeing, touristy book but there's nothing like a well written and illustrated pb to treasure. I know, I'm biased. =o)

Martha has written a series of "journey around" books including Boston, Nantucket, Chicago and Washington DC. I may have to start traveling to collect her books.

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