Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What keeps you company?

I have always been fascinated when authors talk about the music they listen to when they write and how it enhances their work. I don't use music to inspire ideas, however I do have a routine when I work. Do you?

When I'm sketching I prefer to have music playing or a tv show that I don't necessarily need to "follow" too closely (usually sitcoms). My focus is completely on the sketch and I don't "hear" anything, including my family. They like to mess with me during this phase and test me with my "fake listening". I get caught every time.  :o)

When I'm working on final art, then the fun begins. Right now, my favorite work companion is NetFlix. I enjoy finding a series or a good movie that can take me through the project. I like that I can look at my work and remember what I was watching during a particular assignment. =o)

For example, whenever I think about the Science at home book, it takes me right back to "Lost". I spent weeks watching the entire series back to back. I loved the sound of the ocean waves playing in my ear while I toiled away at that book.

Right now I'm working on a project for Highlights, High Five and I know I will always be reminded of the British detective series that I'm "flixing".  Fun stuff.

I'd love to hear your routines.


Jennifer Noel Bower said...

This was fun to read. I have yet to be able to sketch/illustrate in front of the tv effectively. I find the narrative too distracting along with the pull to look up and watch. I often sketch in bed with the dog resting up next to me and when I am at the computer painting I always have Pandora playing either Techno, Indie Pop or sometimes Billie Holiday.

Emily said...

I love you!!

roz said...

Awwwwe! I love you too, sweetie! xo

Jennifer, I will have to look up Pandora. Never tried it, thx!

Phyllis Harris said...

I use Pandora while sketching, too. LOVE it! I type in Colbie Callait and it brings up a lot of my favs, like Sara Bareilles and Jason Mraz...love Dave Barnes and Matt Wertz, too and have found so many new folks by listening to Pandora!

Deb said...

Oh roz! Yes I have Lost memories too as we watched at the same time, back to back to back to back.
I'm trying out Friday Night Lights now but it's hard to watch and work because it's so addicting! Have to watch each episode twice.
Pandora is great!!

Alicia Padrón said...

Love this post Rozzita.

I wish I could watch something while I work like you do, sounds so nice. But I don't think I can paint in watercolor and stop to look at a screen. Watercolor keeps me in my toes and sometimes I have to paint fast before it dries, that type of thing.

Now for my digital part that could work. But first I have to get me a Cintiq so I can work there and watch DVD's on my regular screen like you do, LOL ;o)

Now music is a whole other thing. I can't work without it. I almost can't do anything without it, haha! I also use Pandora all the time. I love it because you create a station from an artist or a single song you like and Pandora looks for similar songs. You keep giving the thumbs up or down to a song along the way until you create a station really made for you. That way I get to know many new artists too. It's really a fantastic idea.

roz said...

WOW WOW WOW. I love PANDORA! Thanks so much for the recommendation. I'd never heard of it before.

Deb- I experienced the same thing when I tried to follow "The Good Wife" while working. Couldn't do it. My eyes were glued to the screen. That has become my "watch after work with wine" treat. =o)