Friday, June 10, 2011

What I'm Working On

Today is Friday and my deadline is Monday. I will definitely be working over the weekend. I'm finishing up a picture book for a UK client about a rabbit who loves to read. It's a cute concept, encouraging young kids to read more books. The characters in the book are two rabbits, a squirrel, a frog and a mouse. At first the mouse was a hedgehog, but the publisher felt a US audience would relate better to a mouse character. Personally, I love hedgehogs....but I've never found one in my backyard. There are hedgehog breeders here in California and you can buy them as pets....sort of like a hamster I guess. But I digress....

There have been lots of tweeks and changes along the way. At one point, the story was actually rewritten in the middle of my sketch phase. The book is a montage of my hand painted ink and watercolor characters against photographic images. One stop shopping at istock photos.

© Deborah Melmon 2011

I wish I could show you the completed spreads as they are very cute. Instead just a peek.....

Have a great weekend everyone!

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