Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby week with the PBJ Aunties.

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In honor of a new baby in the"house", I wanted to share one of my favorite baby books. I collect everything by Clare Beaton and this lullaby collection is one of my favorites. The intricate patchwork fabric/felt is such a charming addition to these old folk songs and lullabies. There is an audio cd that accompanies the book which is perfect if you want to sing along or use it during naptimes. 

Oh, one more thing... I shared this on my facebook page today but it is so darling and appropriate for celebrating babies. Check out this youtube of a momma cat hugging her baby. Just precious.


Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

How sweet Rozzita! Love your illo of that baby girl. She is so precious! Love the message too and agree 100% with it :o)

Gina Perry said...

You are the sweetest, Roz! I love your cuddly illo - oh, I never thought I'd stick barrettes in my girl's hair, but just seeing that munchkin with one makes me want to asap (well, i'll wait until she gets some hair, lol). Thanks Roz!!!