Thursday, April 21, 2011

What We're Reading

I thought I'd share a selection of books that my 2yo son and I were reading lately. I hit a rough patch for the end of this pregnancy so I've been on 'couch-potato' rest for the last month. I actually haven't been to the library in that same amount of time, yikes! This has worked out OK as Miles was less interested in reading - thankfully he's getting back into them again just this past week.

Pete's A Pizza: William Steig
A classic, of course. Perfect for a boy who loves to make pretend pizzas - and go out to our local Flatbread Pizza and watch the pizza go in and out of the oven.

Curious George Plays Mini Golf
These readers correspond to episodes of Curious George. We do a little putt-putt around the house so he enjoys learning more about 'golf'. Books really are a wonderful way to support play learning and new experiences.

Sugar Would Not Eat It: Emily Jenkins, illustrated by Giselle Potter
I found Giselle Potters people a little softer and sweeter in this book - plus her cat, Sugar, is just statically charming. Rather than hammer my boy with endless big brother books, this one gets a message across about compassion for 'smaller beings' and caregiving without being preachy.

The Potty Book for Girls (and Boys): Alyssa Satin Capucilli, illustrated by Dorothy Stott
We're nowhere near ready for potty training in our house, but since we inherited these books, why not? As an illustrator I sympathize that both books are NEARLY identical except for the boy/girl and pink/blue swapouts. Two books to paint at once, oy!

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