Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Posting via email

If you have a blog in blogger then you can take advantage of this easy way of posting. Just send an email and voila you get an instant new post on your blog.

I found about this a few weeks ago when I wasn't home and was at a place with no internet connection. I needed to post that day and only had my handy dandy iphone with me, which is almost as good as a notebook as I'm sure Steve would agree. ;o)

So here is how it's done:

When you are in the dashboard and are able to see all your blogs in blogger, look for a small envelope icon just next to the title of your blog and click on it.

A new window appears that lets you create some secret words which will be added to a new email address you are creating. Make sure not to loose this and not share it. I'm sure you got the point by the term secret words.. You don't want strangers posting as you on your blog. That would be bad. ;o)

Click "save".

Now the email address you created will look something like this:

Now to the fun part!

Go to your email.
Create a new email.
Add the email address you just created to the recipient's email box.
Don't forget the subject of the email because that will be your title for the post.
Then on the body of the email, write your post.
Hit send.

Now run, open your blog and see, it should be there. :o)

tip: if you are posting via your iphone, remember to delete the "sent from my iphone" part. I forgot to do that when I posted the first time. Hee...


Hardygirl said...

I was just looking at this yesterday. So cool!!

I love the new blogger. Almost makes a website unnecessary. Hmmmm.


Alicia Padrón said...

I think so too Hardygirl. Does makes it easy for when you are mobile and without wifi. :o)