Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm a Big Brother!

I didn't have any month or season books to add to the theme this week, but I do know that my year includes a new addition arriving in late Spring. In anticipation of baby #2, my sister thoughtfully gave my son this book for Christmas. I'm a Big Brother, written by Ronne Randall and illustrated by Kristina Stephenson is a great picture book to get him used to the reality of baby - not just in my tummy! I've tried reading a few new baby books without success but my sister really picked a winner here.
The story focuses on the little boy having to wait (and wait, and wait) for baby to grow big enough to play with. They kindly show the mother looking a little frumpy, and Daddy changing a diaper - a dash of reality is always nice.
I love the sensitive gestures on all these characters - she makes poses on simply designed characters express so much. There's also an iPhone app, which we may check out ourselves this week - although our new iPad is the hotter item these day around here (more to come on that next week!).

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Ann Marie said...

I am curious to know how Miles responds to this! That baby on the cover sure is a cute character! Great review, Gina!!