Thursday, December 30, 2010

Link Love: Anne Rockwell on Got Story Countdown

There's nothing I like better about this time between Christmas and New Years than reading. Amazingly, I didn't ask for a single book this year - my mind has been utterly scattered. Rather than lose out, I went back searching for an extended interview that I didn't have time to fully enjoy when it was posted in November. I highly recommend curling up with the Got Story Countdown interviews with Anne Rockwell. Got Story Countdown did an amazing job of looking at many angles of Anne's career and interviewing not only her, but the many illustrators she has worked with. I feel like I learned something new about many different areas - reading, illustrating, the collaboration process, writing, life.

The image above is by Anne, from her own blog. The funny thing for me is that I had an Anne Rockwell illustrated book as a child, beloved by me - The Girl with a Donkey Tail. I was a voracious reader, but actually owned and remembered just a few illustrated books. Until I was learning more about children's illustration when I entered the profession, I had no idea of her long, broad, and notable career as an author/illustrator. And then until I read that interview, I had no idea that I had actually worked with her son, Oliver, at my first post-college job at an animation studio (where I met my husband as well). What a funny world of seeming coincidences, is it not?


Joy Chu said...

Now that is ├╝ber kewl, Gina! I love this! Anne would, too.

All best,


The Got Story Countdown

anne rockwell said...

I agree with Joy that your post is " uber kewl" I will have to pass your post on to Oliver who now lives in Beijing with his Chinese wife and year-old son! And I love hearing that you loved GIRL WITH A DONKEY TAIL!
And that you still love picture books!