Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Watch Scott Adams Draw Dilbert

Another Cintiq inspired post! Check out Scott Adams working and how he uses his to create his Dilbert comic. Watch it here.

Here's the youtube version but it's pixelated for some reason. I like how he has his Cintiq resting on the corner of his desk and then takes his keyboard and does the same thing. Always fun to see a persons set up.

I notice many others work with their Cintiq quite high. I have mine much lower as you can see in this pic. Currently, I have everything on one long craft desk. The desk is high so I had to buy a drafting chair that I can raise quite high too. So far this is working best for me. I still incorporate my Wacom tablet- sort of switching back and forth.

FYI - the Cintiq is already proving to be an invaluable tool. If I only ever use it for sketching out pages, it will be worth every penny. I have a looming deadline and I'm so relieved that I can sketch directly on there without dealing with my scanner (which has decided to go kaput on me right now, anyway).

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Alicia PadrĂ³n said...

I'll watch the video when I get a few minutes off but I just wanted to say that enjoyed seeing your workspace Rozzita!

I can picture you there with your coffee and all. So happy you have a Cintiq. Must be an amazing tool. :o)